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Damascus Steel Roe Buck Sgian Dubh

Damascus Steel Roe Buck Sgian Dubh


Damascus Steel Ross-Shire Roe Buck Antler Sgian Dubh with Sterling Silver Band and celtic knot design on the base.




    Damascus Steel Sgian Dubh with Roe Buck Handle


    Guard spacer and hilt spacer are horn with a celtic knot design on the base. The band around the guard spacer is sterling silver.


    Sheath (scabbard) is black leather with a celtic knot design. These can be engraved with a name or motto on the rear. Standard design has Bracken Moor on rear.

    Sgian Dubh will be delivered stylishly boxed with a bone or wood certificate of authentication detailing David made it and where in Scotland the antler originates from.




    Our products are made with care and quality and should delight any recipient but due to the artistic hand craft and the unique natural materials used the item is sold as seen/described so return and refund is only available in extreme circumstances. We will send pictures of the exact piece we are sending prior to delivery to ensure you are happy with you purchase.    

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